The Website Installer inside our Waffihosting Web Site Control Panel will provide you with a fast and easy approach to start a completely new web site using a custom design in just five minutes. All it takes is only four simple steps for your brand new website to be on the Internet. You can pick from over 200 available web themes and as soon as everything is all set, you can deal with your new website very easily. We’ll give you signin data for the administrator’s area and you will be able to commence incorporating brand–new web pages immediately. If perhaps, at any time, you need guidance – the tech team members are available night and day, able to help you along.

The Website Installer can be obtained each Linux shared hosting services, VPS, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and dedicated hosting services bundle coming with the Waffihosting Web Site Control Panel.

A Fast Site Installer

Publish your brand–new site with merely a click

If you aren’t skilled in site coding, it can be very hard if you want to control a site configuration on your own – if you do not take advantage of user–friendly website construction applications like the immediate Website Installer that will be incorporated into the Web Site Control Panel. To utilize the tool, you simply need to choose a layout theme for use on your web site and after that install it with just a mouse click. You don’t need to possess any kind of site building knowledge to kickstart your web site. You can include fresh pages and add text content and photos with them truly efficiently. If you do not like the change you have made you are able to revert it and repeat the process. It’s all really easy to manage.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Website Themes to pick from

Select the right design for your web site

Within the Web Site Control Panel, you’ll find a variety of simple to customize web themes for your individual or organization site. Whether you need to get started with your own blog, community web site or maybe a enterprise profile, there exists a pre–made design solution for you that one could further personalize to your preferences.

All of our designers are implementing unique themes, so we are going to be updating our selection regularly.

200+ Free Templates

Day–and–night Help and Support Service

Get in touch with us for assistance anytime

The support team offers an in–depth knowledge of website hosting and is willing to help you with any sort of challenges you may have managing your sites. In addition, we have a detailed Commonly Asked Questions library along with a group of step–by–step instructional videos that address the most widespread inquiries and difficulties. Our company offers a 1–hour reply–back time warranty, nevertheless, almost always Waffihosting’s technical team members can reply back in less than thirty minutes.

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