In the event you set up a brand new web site, it’s really important to get the best layout for it. With the Waffihosting Web Site Control Panel it can be done very quickly. We’ve got for you a variety of more than 800 distinctive website designs available for 100% free. They’re presented with every one of our cloud hosting accounts and are also completely customizable.

The vast majority of Waffihosting’s themes are created exclusively for our services and are not available any place else outside the Control Panel. This means the chances to locate someone else employing the same template just like you are minimal.

800+ Free Of Charge Web Themes

Fully customizable. Automatic Setting up

To save you time when picking a good appearance for your web site, we’ve crafted a offering of over 800 free of charge web themes inside the Waffihosting Control Panel. The themes are intended to address various topics and desires – you will find styles for personal websites such as blogs or portfolios and then enterprise sites or online stores.

All our free of charge web themes are offered with both Waffihosting’s Best Web Apps and our Straightforward Site Installer. This means that it’s possible to add the template you want on a brand–new website within seconds.

Free Website Themes

Free Of Charge App Web Themes

Find free of charge web themes for your forthcoming web app

If you intend to build a Joomla site or possibly set up a brand new Wordpress blog, we have a solution for you. Using our Best Web Apps, you can easily select a free of charge web theme when establishing your web site. Waffihosting’s intelligent system will deploy the theme instead of you and once your site is online, it’ll highlight the site template you have opted.

Our free of charge web themes aren’t limited by simply Joomla or WordPress. We have free of charge web themes for Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

Free Of Charge Site Builder Web Themes

100+ perfectly easy to customize free of charge web themes

Within the Waffihosting Control Panel, you will have the ways to access the Website Building Tool tool, featuring more than 100 completely unique website themes. Each and every template incorporates a pair of diverse designs plus several shade options. You’re free to update all these web templates the way you want.

There’ no requirement to possess any experience with HTML or even CSS to alter the styles in our Website Installer. All the work is performed using the integrated manager, that is pretty simple to work with.

Free Site Builder Themes