An Operating System is the low-level software that manages a computer system. It controls how the hardware operates, the communication with peripherals such as a monitor, a printer or a keyboard, the allocation of memory between apps, plus the prioritization of apps if multiple ones run at once. Each and every program that is installed on a PC works by sending requests to the OS for various services via an application program interface (API). The interaction with the OS can be performed via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or a command line. In the web hosting field, the OS is what controls a hosting server together with any software installed on it, which includes not only website scripts, but also every other application for instance a VOIP or a game server. When there're virtual machines created, they employ a guest OS that is run on the server host OS.

Multiple OS in VPS

If you choose to go for one of our virtual private server packages, you shall be able to choose one of the three Linux distributions which we offer for the Operating System of the servers - CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. They are among the most preferred and most reliable server OSs available on the market and we offer them in order to give you a choice for the software environment of your machine if you need to install some application with precise requirements in terms of the packages that must be present on the web server. We also offer three hosting Control Panels and which one of them you can use depends on the OS that you've chosen. We leave the chance to change the server Operating System open, so when you want to use an application that requires an OS different from the one that's already present, we can always reinstall the VPS. In addition, we can keep the OS up-to-date weekly by installing all the security updates which may be released.

Multiple OS in Dedicated Hosting

We offer three Operating Systems with our dedicated server plans - CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. They are all different Linux distributions and we offer them not only because they are completely free so they won't increase the price of your new hosting server, but also because they are extremely secure and stable. Each of them is backed up by a big community of web developers, so you will be able to choose from a large number software packages that you may install on your server if the application that you intend to use has certain requirements. The Operating System will also determine what web hosting Control Panel you can use as the Control Panels that we offer run on particular OSs only and because we would like to provide you with as much adaptability as possible, we offer multiple OSs and multiple Control Panels. If you choose a server with a certain Operating System, we could change it upon request in case it turns out that you need a different one. We will also keep the OS updated weekly as a part of the additional Managed Services upgrade.